Weeds Instead of Roses

I love my back garden but I am not much of a gardener. When we moved into our house six or so years ago, I thought I would be. I poured over books, made detailed plans, planted, watered, pruned. And was left disappointed. Nothing looked like I wanted it to. Enter my dad who, possibly tired of my moaning about what I wasn’t achieving and what I didn’t know was in my garden, said “If you like it, it isn’t a weed. Don’t worry.”.

Since then, I haven’t. Instead of perfectly planted beds, come summer, my garden will be a mass of wildflowers (most of which I still don’t know the names of, though I’m getting there), herbs, and veggies in pots. It is beautiful chaos and I love it, as do the bees and butterflies. And, yes, amongst all this, there will be weeds. But who can hate them when they brightened up the first BBQ of the year?


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15 thoughts on “Weeds Instead of Roses

  1. If the butterflies and bees are happy, it’s a great garden. There are days when I enjoy digging in the dirt, but more and more I find I enjoy sitting back with a glass of iced tea, watching the magic as it unfolds.

  2. I really miss gardens. Space is at premium in Gib, so most of us live in flats with no outdoor area. My mother’s garden in England is a homage to butterflies and bees, and is truly wild and magical.

    • I must admit, I can’t imagine not having a garden, and that is after years of living in flat – pretty much all my adult life, in fact. I don’t know Gibraltar but hope there are good outdoor spaces, they definitely help when space is limited – I know from a time spent living in London.

      • Gib is 3 miles long, by 1.5 miles wide, a steep chunk of rock on the very south of Spain. It has a population over over 30,000, most of whom live in an area of 2 square miles. We do have a wonderful botanical garden, and what we lack in gardens, we make up for in beaches!! And Spain, Portugal, and Morocco are all just a skip away!! When I need my green fix, I fly home. And last year I grew courgettes, peppers, tomatoes and chillies in window boxes!!

  3. Your weeds are gorgeous…… How can dandelions be a weed when they are so pretty? Especially with the forget me nots! Such a pretty posy. My littlest always picks dandelions for me, I love them. Love your blog :) cc

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